King of 2 Miles- Match Recap


June 28th-30th

NRA Whittington Center

Raton, New Mexico

The 2016 King Of 2 Mile competition is over and it is time to start thinking about next year. Overall we didn’t do terrible with Durvin placing 3rd and me placing 6th but we certainly Loaded cartridges.jpggot our butts handed to us by the Applied Ballistics teams. Like last year, we use an “Off the Shelf” Barrett model M99 chambered in .416 Barrett. Realistically, this type of rifle is not a Benchrest match quality rifle out of the box but they do shoot well. The biggest issue with shooting an M99 to extreme distances is in the rifle tracking properly due to tactical design of the stock. They are simply not designed to shoot to 2000+ yards. However, there is a solution to the tracking problem and we are working on an “attachment” for the stock that will allow perfect tracking. We will more than likely use a non-stock bipod as well since we are customizing anyway. Enough excuses, we did not prep as much as we should have and the AB teams just shot better with better equipment.


2477yd Target

After the first day Darik Bollig from Barrett was third, Durvin was 4th and I was 5th and it stayed that way through the second day of qualifications. All of us were shooting a M99 .416 Barrett. Here are the top 10 that qualified. The yardages shot were 1454, 1556, 1724, and 2011 yards. First round hit score was the distance multiplied by the number of shots on that particular target which in target 1 there were 5 shots. 5 x 1454 = 7200 points for one hit. Second round hits were 4 times the yardage, third round hits were worth 3 times the yardage, etc. On the remaining 3 targets where there were only three shots per target were scored accordingly with first round hits worth 3 times the distance, 2nd round hits worth 2 times the distance and 3rd round hits worth 1 times the distance. First round hits were critical and as you see we did not make first round hits on the first two targets. Since we had a 1600 yard zero in PA thinking we were going to be shooting much further than the yardage we started at, we did not have our elevation correct on the closer targets. Once we saw where the first shot went (high), the remaining shots were on target. Vertical stringing became much more evident on the 2011 yard target and not just to us.

on the line 3The finals consisted of shooting 5 shots on each of three targets, 2011, 2477, and 3375 yards and scored in the same fashion. Durvin managed to get shots 3 and 4 on target at 2011 adding 10,055 points to his score but did not get points for the 6th round hit at 2477 yards and did not get on at 3375. I only managed to get one shot on at 2011 and one shot on at 2477 yards which allowed Paul Phillips to leap over me and Randy. No doubt the Applied Ballistics teams shot well and congratulations to them all.


-Daniel Smitchko

President of Cutting Edge Bullets



Days 1&2 Scores


Final Scores


FAQ: Why are Your Bullets Lighter Than Conventional Bullets?

The number one question we get asked the most is why our bullets tend to be lighter than others. Our bullets are all manufactured out of solid copper and brass bar stock. Since they lack a lead core, they also lack the weight that lead provides.

Barstock comparisons

But don’t let that shy you away from shooting a lighter bullet. A lighter bullet means you can push them faster, ultimately leading to flatter trajectory and deep penetration. Since our bullets are constructed out of solid copper and brass bar stock, they will not come apart in flight or “disintegrate” so to speak. You can push them as fast as you wish.

The tricky part comes in deciding on which weight use. The number one thing to look at when deciding on a bullet is twist rate. Under the “Technical Information” tab under each bullet on our website, it lists the minimum required twist rate in order to shoot that bullet. Now this is the minimum REQUIRED twist rate, it is not just a recommendation. The reason this is so essential is because our heavier bullets are much longer than a conventional lead-core bullet, so in order for a heavier weight bullet offering to stabilize, it will require a faster twist rate. If the twist rate is too slow, the bullet won’t shoot and will key hole.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 8.32.03 AM

We have an in house data base with starting load data which we can provide you with. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we can get it over to you. We are always here to help whether it’s load data, technical questions, or bullet recommendations.
(814) 345-6690

Virtual Sports Show

Tomorrow morning kicks off the Virtual Sports Show hosted by  This virtual show was put together for vendors who stood up for their 2nd Amendment rights by boycotting Reed Exhibitions’ Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA.  As I’m sure most of you know, the boycott was a result of Reed Exhibitions’ decision to prohibit the sale or display of sporting rifles and magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.  Cutting Edge Bullets will have a small selection of products displayed on the Virtual Show site including bullets and firing pins designed specifically for AR style rifles.

The show that was supposed to take place in Harrisburg would have started tomorrow morning and ran through Sunday, February 10th.  Although the show has been cancelled, we are still going to be offering a show special during those dates.  Any order placed between the 2nd and the 10th will qualify for Free UPS Ground Shipping to the lower 48 states.

Also, today we released a new bullet designed specifically for AR-15 rifles.  Our MTAC B08 is a 55 grain, solid copper 22 caliber bullet measuring .224″ in diameter.  This bullet was tested earlier this week in several different AR-style rifles.  With a bullet projection length of .495″, this bullet will load into any standard magazine.  A Ballistic Coefficient of .250 was calculated for this bullet.  The MTAC B08 is currently in production and will be available to ship by 02/20/13.  This bullet is sold in boxes of 50 as well as a 1000 count bulk package.  As with all other bullets, orders placed for this item during the virtual show will still qualify for free shipping.

2013 Industry Trade Shows


I know it’s been a while since our last post. It’s a busy time of year for Cutting Edge Bullets. We’ve been traveling all around the country exhibiting at trade shows.

From January 3rd through the 6th we had a team exhibiting at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in Dallas, TX. While we had attended this show in the past, this was the first year that we were exhibiting. We had a great time, made some new friends, and also had a chance to catch up with some old friends and valued customers. Our booth was very busy with non-stop traffic making for a great week.

We also have a group out at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV right now. The SHOT Show began this past Tuesday, January 15th and finishes up today at 4 PM. Reports are that our crew has been extremely busy out there and are having great time. Prior to the SHOT Show was “Media Day At The Range.” This event was held at the Boulder Pistol & Rifle Range in Boulder City, NV on Monday, January 14th. We had a good turnout there as well. Personnel in the Media industry were able to experience the accuracy of our bullets by shooting several of our rifles including a .416 Barrett at ranges out to 1000 yards.

We were scheduled to exhibit at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA in a couple of weeks but have recently decided that we will not be attending. This is due to recent decisions of Reed Exhibitions to ban select exhibiters from the show. This news came as a huge disappointment to us all, as this has been a great show for us in the past. As strong supporters of the 2nd amendment, we cannot stand behind anyone who threatens this freedom… anyone including Reed Exhibitions.

So the next show on our schedule after the SHOT Show will be the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston, TX. This show is open to the public (Free to NRA Members) and runs May 3rd through the 5th. We had a great time last year in St. Louis and are looking forward to another great show in Houston. Hope to see you all there!

PA Buck Season 2012

Well, the PA rifle season for Whitetail Bucks just finished up about 2 weeks ago.  Hopefully all of you PA hunters had a successful season.  Some of our friends and family here at Cutting Edge Bullets managed to bag a buck this year.  Below are some photos of the bucks that were taken with Cutting Edge Bullets.

Doug Humenay managed to take a nice 10 point at 580 yards with a .338 Hart Rifle and the MTH D65 (252 grain, .338 caliber bullet.)

Durvin Wick took an 8-point buck at 50 yards with a 7mm Magnum and the MTH J03 (130 grain, 7mm bullet.)

Nate Sedlak took a 7-point buck at 780 yards with a .338 Hart Rifle and the MTH D65 (252 grain, .338 caliber bullet.)

Nate Smitchko took an 8-point buck at 60 yards with a .270 Winchester and the ESP H100 Raptor (100 grain, .270 caliber bullet.)

Bob Savard took a 9-point buck at 700 yards with a .416 Hart Rifle and the MTH V15 (340 grain, .416 caliber bullet.)

Tom Wick took an 8-point buck at 680 yards with a .338 Hart Rifle and the MTH D65 (252 grain, .338 caliber bullet.)

And Mike Murnyack took a 6-point buck at 775 yards with a .338 Big Baer Rifle and the MTH D65 (252 grain, .338 caliber bullet.)








We have recently added a few new bullets to our lineup:

MTAC J08 – (157 grain, 7mm) This .284″ diameter Match/Tactical pointed bullet was designed for single shot rifles or magazine feeding in rifles meeting the COAL specifications. COAL will be the brass trimmed to trim length + .937″ bullet projection for recommended SealTite Band position. A bore rider is incorporated in the design to ensure premature contact with the lands does not occur. Bullets can be seated deeper if recommended COAL is too long or contact is made anywhere on the bullet. A minimum 1-9″ barrel twist rate or faster is required. The BC of this bullet is .610 and was confirmed out to 1000 yards. Bullet weight is held to +-.1 grain on all MTAC bullets.

MTH J07 – (155 grain, 7mm) This .284″ diameter maximum case capacity bullet is designed for single shot rifles or can be magazine fed in most long action rifles. A bore rider is incorporated in the design to ensure premature contact with the lands does not occur. COAL will be the brass trimmed to trim length + .937″ bullet projection for recommended starting SealTite Band position. A minimum 1-9″ barrel twist rate or faster is required. The BC of this bullet is .610 and was determined out to 1000 yards.

ESP E175 Raptor – (175 grain, .358 cal) Enhanced System Projectile (ESP) designed to be shot as a hollow point without the Talon tip, a hollow point with the supplied Talon tip installed for long range shooting, or flipped around and shot as a solid for extreme penetration. Excellent lever gun bullets without the tip installed and are designed to magazine feed in any bolt action rifle with the tip installed. The BBW#13 nose profile on both ends of the bullet has proven to provide the deepest penetration of any nose profile to date. When shot with or without the tip terminal performance is second to none for putting game on the ground quickly. The BC has not been officially determined yet but is estimated to be .330 shot with the tip installed and .130 shot without the tip. A minimum barrel twist rate of 1-16″ or faster is required to stabilize this bullet.

Each box of 50 Raptor bodies comes with 25 Talon E tips. Load development can be done without the tip and point of impact at 100 yards is normally within 1″ when the tip is installed.